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Fucking machine from Hugher

Remote Control

Hugware program for the HugHer fucking machine

Maestro programmable interface box

Fucking machines like you've never seen before!

We are pleased to announce that new model "V2" fucking machines are now available. Those who already know the HugHer will be glad to know that we didn't remove any previous features that made it to be acclaimed as the very best high-tech machine, but rather we added some new exciting products.

Although a very advanced fucking machine, the HugHer is known to be very easy to use. We've kept this feature intact but added many new ones. Combining those high-tech features with the new Maestro interface box and the HugWare now allows users to expand the HugHer experience to an even higher level of pleasure. A whole fucking system could now be built around the HugHer fucking machine.

One of the goal behind "V2" was to allow integration of other sex toys into a pleasure system that you set according to your own needs and tastes which will result in a symphony of pleasure where every "instrument" plays in sync with the others. The Maestro interface box will achieve this!

The HugHer is worldwide acclaimed as the very best fucking machine, with features such as:
- Fully adjustable depth and length of strokes, even while the machine is running!
- The only fucking machine available with multiple and programmable fuck pattern.
- Unique remote control with backlit LCD display, allowing instant and precise settings.
- User programmable directly with the remote or from a personal computer (with the HugWare).
- Expandable to a full fledged fucking-system with the optional Maestro interface box.

Multi-functions remote control

Settings of depth, length, speed as well as selection of any of our unique patterns are all done with the remote. You will love the feel and precision achieved with "classic" knobs combined with digital display. The backlighted LCD show all values as well as pattern name and is easy to read even in the dark.

You now have a wide selection of 24 "fuck patterns" that could not be reproduced by any other sex machines, programmable or not. The HugHer stand apart by allowing users to incorporate any of its exclusive built-in patterns into a program while other fucking machines only offer the classic "In and Out" pattern. The HugHer is the only sex machine offering truly differents patterns that goes way beyond setting (or programming) length, speed and acceleration. See the "motion" page for more informations about this.

The remote control is made for straightforward and easy setting of all the basic functions of the HugHer fucking machine, as well as access to advanced features such as program editing and maestro configuration. It could also be connected to a PC via USB to access the expanded feature set offered by the HugWare.

Personalize your sex machine with the HugWare

The HugWare allows users to fine tune more than 25 internal parameters used by differents patterns. Things like setting distinct forward and reverse speed of some patterns as well a the short pause time of our exclusive "staccato" pattern are a few examples of what the HugWare could do.

You could also reorder patterns to your own taste as well as assign a new function for the "time" knob. It is in fact a powerful configuration tool that you will also use with the Maestro to select and configure inputs and outputs functions. Running the HugHer could be done from the HugWare (via a PC) although we strongly believe that the remote control is much superior. This is allowed as a convenience to help during fine tuning of the machine. Programming of the HugHer from a personal computer is available too.

Note that the remote control will remember configurations made using the HugWare and do not need to be connected to a computer once done. Multiple configuration files can be saved on your computer too. You can also quickly and easily reset the HugHer to default factory configuration.

Control other sex toys with the Maestro interface box

While the remote control is still your command center, the new Maestro interface box is required to connect to other devices. It connects directly to the expansion port of the HugHer fucking machine. Most popular sex toys (all battery operated sex toys including anything running from a DC wall adapter such as vibrators, TENS, E-stim devices/electrostimulation devices could be used with the "Maestro").

Control of any sex toys connected to it could be done 3 ways. Either manually or while programming the HugHer with newly added features found on the remote control. The third way is achieved using Maestro built-in functions. This is an extremely powerfull feature that allows automatic operation of externals devices without requiring any programming at all. This is the mosts powerful and easiest way to integrate other toys into a whole fucking system controlled by the HugHer.

The Maestro is sold separately and is entirely configured with the HugWare. This allows to select any function you wish to assign to individual inputs/outputs.
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