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I (heart) FetLife: BDSM & Fetish Community for Kinksters, by kinksters

The HugHer fucking machine is widely discussed and reviewed at FetLife Kink and bdsm social network. Look for the "Fucking machines and high-tech sex" and "The Hugher" groups for discussions, reviews and comments about fucking machines and of course the HugHer.

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"Lots of information about the HugHer." (Search with keyword 'hugher')

"Listen to the podcast 'EA077-Fck Machines' about sex machines and the HugHer"
"... it (the HugHer) is simply fantastic ..." (at 23:35min)

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Current fucking machines videos available to download
Features Presenting the HugHer fucking machine
(hugher.wmv 14Mo. New larger size 640x480)
Hugher fucking machine video
Motions Showing some of our exclusive fuck-patterns
(motions.wmv 15Mo. New larger size 640x480)
Hugher fucking patterns video
(Click the underlined words "features" or "motions" at the left to view selected videoclip)
Please note that there is no nudity in these two videoclips. They are intended to demonstrate the advanced features
and motion patterns of the HugHer fucking machine. Also note that both videos were made with a previous model
Those videos may also be viewed at lower resolution on the "motions" and "HugHer system" webpages.

About us
HugHer f-System is dedicated at offering the finest fucking machine available. We carefully design and build each high quality professional fucking machine offering advanced features not found anywhere else on the Planet. The HugHer is made to be easy to use, powerful, quiet, safe and FUN!

We addressed many problems and limitations found using classic fucking machines design. The result is a vastly superior product offering outstanding features. While somewhat more expensive, the HugHer has much more to offer. A wider range of pleasure offered by the built-in motions and patterns and many user-friendly features included with our exclusive remote control and Wand system. It also includes many proprietary built-in safety and comfort features. You will feel the difference too!

Please note that the HugHer is protected by several trademarks, copyrights and patents. All are owned by either "HugHer f-System" or suppliers of some subcomponents of the HugHer.

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