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The HugHer Fucking System ™

We designed the HugHer from ground up to offer many outstanding features. The HugHer fucking machine has much more to offer than any other available sex machine and you'll certainly find it much more pleasurable too!
remote control

Remote controlled fucking machine

Fucking machine motions and patterns are totally controlled by the remote unit. Four knobs are used to set speed, stroke length, stroke depth and time. Selecting a different pattern is done instantly by pressing a button. You never need to stop the machine to change any settings or select another motion or program.

- Stroke depth knob: Allows you to adjust the depth of strokes. This is actually producing the same result as moving the machine closer or away from you.
- Stroke length knob: Length of stroke is variable at anytime by simply turning this knob.
- Time knob. This is a dual function knob used to set running time while programming and cycle length of some advanced motions offered by the HugHer.
- Speed knob. Set the running speed. You will also find that the HugHer is the only machine producing a consistent motion that doesn't tend to stall even at low speed.

The HugHer is also made to be easy to use with only 5 buttons needed to run, stop, select or program any motions you want. You never need tool for any adjustment.

Wand system

Our exclusive "Wand system" design

The detachable wand system is another HugHer's unique innovations.
It's made to give you more freedom by allowing you to separate the black tube containing the linear sliding mechanism ("wand") form the main housing. The wand could then be mounted where the whole mchine would not, which also provide an unobstructed view. It's lightweight and made to be mouted directly on the tripod stand.

Fucking machine housing

Totally enclosed

Variable power motor and mechanisms are totally enclosed within the main housing.
This makes the HugHer fucking machine to run whisper quiet. The HugHer system is based on CNC machine (robots) used for industrial manufacturing. This is a proven design offering much more control than regular AC or DC motors. This is why the HugHer has so much more to offer than any other fucking machine. We use only industrial grade motors, electronics and parts.

A fully programmable fucking machine

The HugHer is fully programmable with the easy to use remote control. Programs are permanently stored in the remote and unlike some other machines you will never need to connect the HugHer to a computer to run or program it.

Our powerful and user friendly remote control combined with our exclusive set of built-in motions/patterns (24 total) allow it to quickly create a wide variety of programs. Also read the "motions" page to understand why the HugHer is so far ahead of any other product with this set of built-in patterns.

Programming the HugHer is very easy. You simply select one of the built-in motions and set stroke length, depth, speed and time, same as when you are running it. Then you just hit the save button to record a sequence of up to 25 steps. You can choose a different pattern for every steps too! You will have great fun and tons of pleasure with this feature!

This video is showing some of the HugHer's amazing features.
While there is no nudity in this video, you will clearly see what the HugHer is capable of. Running the HugHer at extreme speed and adjusting stroke length and depth while running are totally controlled by the supplied remote unit. You will also appreciate how powerful yet gentle the HugHer is to use!

Please note that the "Goliath" was recently replaced by the "Tango" model having many newly added advanced V2's features. Also note that while the "Tango" is more powerfull and faster than "Jive", both offer the same set of features.

We also suggest you view the "motions" video to fully understand how the HugHer dances while other machines walk, crawl or even STALL! This second video can be viewed on the "Motions" page of this website. Both videos are also available at higher resolution on the "dowload" page.

Products comparison
HugHer Jive HugHer Tango Others brands
Number of motions 24 24 1
Speed (strokes per min) ¹ 2 to 250 2 to 300 ???
Stroke Length ² 0.5" to 8" 0.5" to 11" ???
Depth Range 5 inches 8 inches NA (0)
Motor Power 1/12 hp 1/6 hp ???
Variable Power YES YES No
Remote controlled ³ YES (all) YES (all) Speed only
Programmable YES YES No
Lightweight Wand system Yes Yes No
Stroke length adjustable while running YES YES No
Totally enclosed motor YES YES Few models
Always stop same place YES YES No
Upgradeable YES YES No
Note 1: Maximum speed is based on a 3 inches stroke. The shorter the length, the higher the speed. (It can be almost a 1,000 strokes per minute at shortest lengths!)
Note 2: Stroke length range for "Nibbler" and "Stroke Nibbler" motions is 0.2 to 0.8 inch approx.
Note 3: Stroke length, depth and speed can be adjusted even while running which is a decided advantage.
("Others" column refer to features offered by most other machines built using classic design)

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