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Hugware for the HugHer sex machine

The HugWare

Extended features and full control from your computer

The HugWare is our proprietary software made to further enhance the HugHer fucking machine experience. It expands the HugHer features several ways. It's first a powerful configuration tool allowing to personalize the HugHer to your own taste and also to fully operate and program the hugher fucking machine from a personal computer.

Main Features:

- Full control of the HugHer sex machine from a personal computer.
- Allows to customize most patterns to your own taste and preferences.
- Reorder patterns the way you want them to appear on the remote control.
- Programs the Maestro inputs/outputs with any of the built-in functions.
- Allows running the HugHer with a joystick or gamepad.
- Allows programming directly from a personal computer.

Customize our exclusive fucking patterns

Already known as the only fucking machine on the market offering patterns that goes way beyond the classic "in-and-out" motion, we now allow you to modify most of the built-in motions to suit your own tastes.

This has many more powerful features beyond the simple programming of stroke depth, length and speed which is all that is offered by any other programmable sex machine. In fact just about all of our built-in patterns simply cannot be reproduced by any other known machine on the market, programmable or not.

Here are a few examples of customizable parameters:

- Length of the short cycles of patterns such as: "xiao-bi", "wu heisen", "tantra".
- Distinct speed on both directions of motions such as : "Hit" and "Lord J's".
- Distinct length and speed of outer and inner cycles of the "xioa-bi" motion.
- Staccato 'break' time.(makes it feels more or less ...hmmm... staccato)
- Speed range of variable (ramping) speed patterns such as "speed waves"
- Choice or normal or proportional acceleration profile.

Customize parameters of the HugHer fucking machine

Hugware for the HugHer sex machine

Fucking machine programming

The HugHer fucking machine could be fully programmed with the HugWare. We believe that the biggest advantage of the HugHer fucking machine is that you could also select any of our exclusive pattern for each programmed steps.

A program consist of a sequence of pre-programmed steps. For each step you will set the speed, stroke length and depth as well as the running time. Note that the HugHer is the only machine having different programmable patterns. While we know of other programmable machine we believe that you should be aware that all of them are only supporting the "classic" in and out pattern.

- No limit to the number of programs that could be saved on your computer.
- Speed, stroke length and depth individually programmable for each steps.
- Distinct programmable running time for each steps.
- Will loop to the first or stop once reched the end of program.
- You could select any of our exclusive pattern for each step (individually).

Customize the remote control

Knob function

Sets the "time" knob of the remote control to control time, acceleration, short cycle length and more...


Allows you to control the HugHer fucking machine with a Joystick or gamepad connected to your computer.

Control your sex machine with a joystick

Patch Maestro form

Use the 'patch Maestro' form to individually assign any of the built-in functions to the Maestro inputs/outputs. This is effectively programming the Maestro to suit your needs according to the external device(s) you want to control.

The Maestro interface box (sold separately) allows you to create a full fledged 'fucking system' by combining other sex toys with the HugHer machine.

Vibrators, electro stimulation boxes (e-stim), tens units as well as many other sex toys could thus be made to work in synch with the HugHer. This is achived by either using any of the built-in functions made to automatically control the states of externals device, or by programming them with our remote control or via the Hugware. Thus you are the orchestrator of pleasures with all your own toys in combination with the HugHer sex machine

Patch Maestro interface box

Organize Fucking patterns

Use this form to reorder patterns the way you want them to appear on the remote. Preferred patterns could then be placed first, allowing you to quickly switch between them. Motions can be set to appear in any order you wish. This is another great feature to have alot of fun and pleasure with!

Organize fucking machine patterns

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