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This is the only motion's pattern you will get with any other fucking machine. A few other programmable high-tech sex machines will allow you to set and program stroke length, speed and time but the result will still always be a motion having the very same "in-out" pattern. Most old-fashioned machines will even need to be stopped in order to adjust the stroke length and only have remote control over speed. Variable and programmable pattern depth, length, speed and time is just the beginning, the HugHer fucking machine allows you to go ways beyond that!

Want to try some really new exciting pleasures?

The HugHer is the only fucking machine offering multiple patterns. Our sex-machines offers a wider range of pleasure with 24 built-in "fuck patterns". You will find that some produce a more teasing effect while others will drive more directly to orgasm. Many are giving simply amazing and exquisite sensations that just cannot be described. You can run any pattern at any setting you wish to, or easily build a program with one or many of them. Nothing compares to the HugHer!

. . . A few examples . . .

Stroke nibbler
This pattern is doing very short and fast strokes while going back and forth.

A motion that alternate full and half length strokes.
Briefly stop at each third of the travel while going in, and in the middle while coming back.
Want to see more?
This video is showing some of the HugHer fucking machine advanced patterns. Please note that all the advanced patterns are available exclusively with the HugHer and cannot be reproduced by any other existing fucking machine, even programmable's one. Note that this video was made using previous model version of the HugHer. We rencently upgraded the HugHer to the new "V2" version supporting many new features.

"The HugHer dances where other machines walk"
Matt (Colorado)

We've found that women are much more sensitive to thrust variations than we first tought. Every single motion's pattern where "tested" by women. While favorite motion differ from one to another, they reported that every patterns indeed felt different and our gay customers have reported the same to us. We then made final changes according to results and suggestions in order to offer you the best possible set of sensations. We know you will be impressed!

Comments we've received from buyers are also stating the same. Testimonials from men and women who tried any other fucking machine before buying the HugHer were often even more impressive. They all basically stated that the HugHer was "much better" that anything else. This is our greatest reward for the dedication we've put into the design of the HugHer.

. . . And Yes, It does feel MUCH better ! . .

Built-in motions are the building blocks of your programs too.While you may find other programmable machines, they are all currently offering a single motion's pattern; the classic in-out pattern. Having only this very basic pattern mean that it is impossible for any other fucking machine to create any of the advanced HugHer's motions. We developped many patterns producing motions that changes speed, depth or stroke length during a variable time cycle. The HugHer goes way beyond the regular "in-out" motion with patterns based on Tantra and others principles, thus providing a rich and wide set of pleasures to choose from.
An expanding range of sensations. Because built-in patterns are so important to produce truly new pleasure we are constantly working on new ideas and listening to suggestions to provides new ones. We've recently added many patterns and any fucking machine we are selling can be updated with new motions/patterns at any time.

"The HugHer is the undisputed king of the machines I've used after having tried several different thrusters, because of the programmability, variable stoke length, rate, pressure sensing..."
Deepspellbinder (written on Fetlife kink social network)

"My wife calls her Hugher her sex robot and the orgasms are so powerful she can't stop smiling! I can't say enough about how I am impressed with your machine! The quality is extremely good and the functions are actually pretty simple, but with obviously very complicated programming. It was definitely worth the price! Thanks Hugher for making such an excellent machine for us! "
Paul (New Mexico)

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